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About Foxy Deamond

Hello dear Patreons and visitors!

My name is Foxy Deamond and I'm super happy to present my art and projects alongside my fiancée, Nemesis!

I'm working on my current project, the BRIDGE webcomic, a story about a young Medium named Dorothy Hashimoto who's tryingto live a simple, normal life despite the many ghosts that haunts her life.
I'm also working on RGBY, The Color Arc Series, where in the country of Acryllica, the source of all war comes from a discriminatory caste system against Pigments; the Color Chart. A group of young Rebels will fight with all their might against it.
I will post art and previews of the comic during their development, along with secret art!

You can also check BRIDGE out on Tumblr!
You can get some BRIDGE and RGBY merch on Redbubble too!
Here's my Twitter, DeviantArt and Kofi as well!

Any donations from you mean the world to me and I will be completely grateful for your support and patience! Thank you so much and I hope you will enjoy my contents!
$9 of $150 per month
This goal will help me pay for Adobe's programs for more quality contents of the ongoing project, along with helping me create and maintain a website for my current webcomic!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 76 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 76 exclusive posts
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