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Hello, my name is Stewart Martin, but I also use the handles fragmental or FragmentalStew.  Some people call me Stew.  I am creating Productive Games which are a hybridization of productivity applications and video games.  I believe there is a moral imperative to create these tools, because the outside forces that work against a modern individuals ability to improve their lives grows greater every day.  My goal is to create tools that supplement a person's ability to accomplish their intrinsic goals and desires.  In essence, to bridge the gap between intrinsic desire to do something and the motivation and will power to do it.

You can find more information on my website at or my itch page at

I work in a vacuum, with little outside feedback or support.  If you believe in what I'm doing, feel free to offer your verbal or financial support, or any other support you are will to provide.  It will let me know I'm not crazy.

You can reach me at one of my social accounts or email me at [email protected]

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My google domain is $12 per year, so this should cover it :)
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