Franck Tawema

is creating Golden off the wall portraits

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I'm Franck Tawema, and I need time to create more golden pieces.

I'm an artist and I make golden three dimensional portraits.

I have recently had my first group exhibition at the BetterShared summer show this summer.

I have currently made around thirty five portraits. Some for friends, others for myself and a couple for public figures including the fashion model Ebonee Davis .

The process of making my work is as important and possibly more important to me than the finished piece, I find it to also be very calming and meditative.

My work has really developed and changed over the last few months. It took a while for me to really figure out the technical aspects of how a paper cut works, so there were some disasters. I have become a lot more confident in knowing what will work and what won’t, so I work much more organically than I did in the beginning.

I always start from an emotional place. From being aware of information I consume and how it affects me. I make the work whenever I'm inspired. Then I start researching in order to find what makes those people or things iconic in form. I look at photographs, live performances etc.. and later on I transcribe the form I choose onto my digital canvas made up of simple pixel-like squares, and I try to capture the essence of that form or figure. Sometimes I start with a photograph but there are times when I need to modify, add or subtract from it in order for it to work. That part is done through sketching.

I love the possibilities of a constrained canvas, even though my process isn't necessarily without challenges. I first draw a simple guide for the layout on a digital canvas, drawing the subject organically as I begin the mapping process. The result is a 'pixelated' golden portrait made up of cubes.

So What do I want?

I want people to invest in my art so that I can be more productive. Here are the things I'd like to accomplish in the near future:
- Being able to make up to two golden pieces a week
- Exhibit my work publicly in at least 3 art shows next year
- Develop three more collections
- Sleep regularly, eat better, travel more, exercise more and all the things that will help me create more art.

So let's get started!

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