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The book of Job, a taoist interpretation
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 A unique translation, taoist interpretation of the book of Job, plus taoist practices to go with it. A video every month at least to be publish on my You Tube Channe:l Francesca Tao and Judaism. You will contribute to the publication of this work and have your names mentioned  [n the thanking list of the videos, plus links to your projects, blogs and webpages 
Your personal I Ching once a month
per month
You will contribute at the publication of every video and be thanked for it. Adding to this you will have the right to a private session with me, once a month to make a question to the I Ching, interpreter it together and find  the best exercises to bring the hexagram in your life.
Personal assistance
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You will have access to my help trough a personalized program of chi gong exercises, I ching consultation and personal advice, for anything you want: health, personal growth or other. To a maximum of 5 hours a month. 




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Hello to everybody. My name is Francesca. I made my You Tube channel "Francesca La Barca", to publish Chi Gong exercises for health and self development, with the intent to help everyone in their lives and health in a world where healthcare is becoming an option for wealthy people and not a right for everyone.
Tao means in Chinese "way", so I also publish here videos that explain how to incorporate these practices in our daytime life and how many different topics, from Medicine to Math, History and much more, can be viewed trough Taoist lens. A section of the videos is dedicated to the I Ching, sacred book for Taoism and the connections that exists between Taoism and the three main Monotheistic religions: Hebraism, Christianity and Islam
Supporting this channel you are sustaining health and a better caring world for everyone, and I thank you for joining me and for beliving we can build a better future.
3 of 500 patrons
When our community will reach at least 500 people I will be able to publish regularly 3 videos a week: one about chi gong practices for health, one about the I Ching practices and consultation and one about Taoism point of view on everyday life. I will also be available to every patron for private questions via e mail, or building a personal set of exercises for a specific health problem or a personal I Ching consultation.
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