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Hi! I'm Frank Fradella and thank you for visiting my Patreon page! Great to have you here!

What are we creating here?

For the past few years I've been traveling the world as I pursue my Italian citizenship. With that process almost done, it's time to start daytripping — little overnight jaunts to nearby cities and countries where I'll explore the city, the culture, the architecture, the food, and of course, the people. Your participation will allow me to take these journeys and share them with you as chapters in the new book, delivered as blog posts, with photos and videos.

I've already been writing about my travels for the past two years, but that book focused on the departure from America and my path to Italian citizenship. Now, we'll be writing a new book together — one that focuses on an expat living abroad, with easy access to many other countries. 

How do we as patrons play a part?

I created this Patreon account because I wanted to invite others on my journey. To give you eyes and ears into places you've never been, beyond the tourist traps and into the real lives of people as they actually live them. All of your support goes directly into travel expenses, as I'll be taking at least one day trip a month (with more planned as support increases). The more you pledge, the further I can go, and the longer I can stay. 

Going to a nearby city by train for a day trip, with a small bite to eat, will run about €20-25. Going to Rome or Verona or even Paris can be as inexpensive as €200 for an overnight stay. Obviously the longer I can stay, the more I can explore and have to write about!

Wait, what is Patreon again?

Patreon is a site that allows creatives to become "patrons of the arts," like in the days of old. Leonardo Da Vinci had a patron when he painted the Mona Lisa! Being a patron allows you to pledge a few bucks every month (with the option to cancel at any time!) and actually be a part of making more beautiful things appear in the world. Now, instead of an artist having one patron on the hook for all of their monthly needs, Patreon allows you to join a small group of patrons for a particular artist and collectively share the glory.
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At this level, I can take my first day trip to a nearby city, stay the day, and come back the same night! A blog post on a trip like this would include photos.
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