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Hello!! I'm Frankie. Welcome to my Patreon page. I have been playing video games since the age of 8. I have 3 passions in life: Star Trek, Video gaming and TV/Movie addict! If you help me, I will use the money to improve my stream and will get a capture card so that I can share my console games passion with all of you. Because, I have many more games on consoles than PC. Sharing my video games with YOU is my primary goal. Then, I'll do contests/giveaways to thank you for your support. I will be streaming: PC games. And later, PS3, X360. If enough help, it may be possible to make a jump into next-gen console gaming as well at a later time. It's also difficult at time with my illness. I wish I had a play buddy so he/she could unstuck me in some of my console games. That is why I like co-op storyline game. Where I failed, my buddy may be able to overcome it. One other dream that I have is to open an Ultra Modern Internet-Gaming and Tabletop board games cafe. Combining Drinks/food menu with playtime slots depending on what you order. It would also be possible to play 1 game without having to eat or drink....but, what is the point in that? Anyway, the option may be possible and added. Huge dream, Eh? Yeah. I know. Someday, I may say: Because of Patreon, the patrons and (obviously some other entity) my dreams finally came true. It would truly be an honor.

(NOTE: The goals there may change if I get them. Some will disappear (deleted) One may stay. Depends how well this is going. Thank you very much for reading!))

(Traduction française bientôt! / French translation coming soon!)

The idea behind this stream is to bring people together around a common goal. The Patreon pledge will bring FrankieDooSpace closer to his ultimate dream idea to build a business where people can meet, eat, drink and enjoy video and tabletop games.


L'idée derrière ces diffusions est d'emmener des gens autour d'un même but. Le Patreon rendra possible l'idée et le rêve de FrankieDooSpace de construire un restaurant où seront combinés rencontres, nourritures, breuvages, jeux vidéos et de tables.

You can find me on these platforms / Vous pouvez me trouver sur ces platformes:

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This amount per month will help me bring food on my table. It also bring you new games to show you. / Cette somme par mois m'aidera à acheter de la nourriture. Il permettra aussi de vous montrer de nouveaux jeux.
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