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I am a firm believer in "pay what you can classes" I feel like they make the world a better place. I have acquired a unique and eclectic set of skills on a broad range of topics and mediums over the years that I would love to share with everyone. With every monthly donation of a dollar or more you will have access to a new class here on Patreon every month.




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About FrAnKiE

 Hi, I'm FrAnKiE. I am a self-taught artist creating curious art inspired by wonder. I am also a writer and illustrator. My specialty is an experimental art style I call Tinker Illustration, I blend mixed media, illustration, and simple engineering to create textured, 3d, and often times interactive pieces. I am kind of a "Jane of many trades" I create sculptures with polymer clay, I am a muralist, and I also create art installations, as well as photography and cinematography props, and backdrops.
When I started to create Tinker Illustrations, the goal was to create a bit of magic to hang on your wall that you could play with as you walk by. Anyone who has ever met me will tell you I am a bit of a squirrel, I am consistently working, or fidgeting, or pondering, or daydreaming, and so creating pieces with so many different mediums allows my brain the challenges it needs to stay focused, it brings me peace. I think to see the wonder in peoples eyes when they see my work is probably one of the most beautiful things I have ever experienced. I can see them become curious and inspired and want to go home and give it a shot and that makes my heart so full.