Razvan 'Franco' Nitoi

is creating Graphic novels for kids and teenagers
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About Razvan 'Franco' Nitoi

I am an experienced graphic designer and a debutant writer, and I have written and illustrated a children’s graphic novel, similar in concept and approach to the “classic” of the genre -- "Diary of a Wimpy Kid", but 100% original regarding the style, the stories and the graphic art (and of course 200% funnier).

The book has already been published in Europe, in Romania (by Corint Publishing House, one of the most relevant here), in its original Romanian language version, and the 1<sup>st</sup> edition (3000 units) was a Best Seller during BookFest, a very important local readers' event

It’s a collection of 15 stories, targeted to kids & teenagers, depicting pranks, mishaps and all kinds of funny situations, and presented in the form of a diary. The book has approximately 210 pages, featuring around 230 illustrations (hand drawn and digitized).

I am currently publishing the first volume of the book (the English version), one chapter at a time. My target is to raise enough funds to enable me to have enough time to translate in English and publish the second volume. 
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When I reach $500 per month, I will take a creative vacation in a quiet mountain resort, and translate half of my book's second volume (which is already written and published in Romania)
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