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Hi! I am known for following a raw carnivore diet on youtube, advocating for the importance of high vitamin animal foods. I have been following the diet for 6 years now, making youtube videos for just over 2 years.

I am actually a triplet, having a brother and sister, have grown up and currently live in the NYC area. My sister is mentally handicapped and part of the reason I started this YouTube channel as I believe many modern problems are caused by nutrient deficiencies.  Professionally I work as a bartender although I have worked as a personal trainer. 

The goal of this patreon is short term to fund certain videos that require either a production crew or have a cost associated with creating them. For example I would love to do more supermarket or restaurant oriented eating videos. I plan to do this with my own money in the next few months but cannot at the moment.

A secondary goal is launching a cosmetic product line that I am currently trying to figure out production for. I will try to find a way to incorporate this, possibly making a Tier that would get a sample of every product. 

Long term would be to produce full time content, replicating what the more popular fitness/vlog youtubers do but in my own way. Incorporating more filming time will show the main points of my days as well as the minor details that are both related and not to my diet. 

There are many people that indirectly guided me on my understanding of nutrition; including but not limited to: Paul Chek, Nora Gedgaudas, Chris Kresser, Robb Wolf, Chris Masterjohn, Weston Price. I have taken bits and pieces from all of their teachings and applied them to my own.
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Having always want to produce a steakhouse series in NYC I will make a pilot episode, possibly a full episode of my visiting one of the iconic NYC steakhouses. (If Peter Lugers is possible they are my priority)
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 10 exclusive posts

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