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is creating nature illustrations & invertebrate shitposting
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About Franz Anthony

Illustration, natural history, Nintendo. Draws invertebrates for a living. Kinda. Might spew out unsolicited invertebrate trivia in your general direction. In 2019, I plan to focus on creating illustrations revolving around the theme Colors in Nature.

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What can I expect from Patreon? You dump basically everything on twitter anyway.

I hate paywalls. I believe education is needed more by people who can't afford it. By making all of my content public, I wish that I could spend more time entertaining and educating people, instead of resizing and reformatting files for the highest bidders. So, I'm using my Patreon as some sort of a tip jar.

If you came here for the perks, you're fully welcome to enjoy my content for free. But if you're staying as a paying patron, I appreciate every bit of your support to make the world a little less sucky.

That being said, I'm planning to switch my long-format blogging from Tumblr to Patreon. So even if you don't have the budget, you can always follow me here to get all the good stuff delivered to your feed!

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Photo Pack Rewards

I take a lot of photos, mostly for painting references and graphic design projects. Recently, I realized that these photos could useful for other people, rather than just sitting in my harddisk, waiting for me to use them. Whether you need some painting references, textures for a design project, or just some new wallpapers, I hope these files can help you in some way.

I'll be keeping track of your pledge, including past pledges! Once you've hit a certain amount, you can request a link to my Drive folder containing dozens of photos sorted by theme. Full info here .

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