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FreakPugs! is a TF2-Based Pick Up Game system inspired by PugChamp. FreakPugs! is a very populated community for TF2 Pugs, which is why we require your help to keep up with the demand by supplying well-functional services like our servers and Pug Site!
We have almost daily pugs using our Pug Site and Discord!
Donate to help keep our Pug Servers and Community up and running!

The TF2 community lacks a good pugging system for much of the TF2 community. Besides other in house pug groups, we have pugchamp, tf2center, mixchamp, and faceit. With PugChamp being full of a lot of the same and more experienced players, many others who do not get picked decide to join other pug sites, such as mixchamp which lets players picked by random to play pugs. FreakPugs, on the other hand, is kind of like a mix, it gives you the competitive experience with a good drafting system but it also gives you a more "in-house pug" kind of feeling to it. FreakPugs is a good place to enjoy playing competitive 6s TF2 with your friends and without getting yelled at for not playing your main. As a smaller community, people get to know each other more and can support each other in many ways to get better at TF2, and at the same time, have fun!

Donors will receive a FreakPugs! donor badge as well as a discord donor role.
Website Credits: minicircle

PugChamp is open source ( which is what we based the site off of. Original PugChamp Site: Thanks to the hard work from erynn and tsc, we were able to build up this small community. We never intended to make this any bigger than a in house pug group for plat teams or lower, or open teams. We encourage you to play PugChamp as this was never made as a service for all levels. All are welcome to play!
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  • Receive a Donor Badge on the Pug Site
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If we reach $10 a month, a server will be bought for the Pug Site if necessary, server location will depend on the needs of players.
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