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 Get a Backstage look at why reality seems so narrow and limited, and what we can do about it. We'll talk about how you can become safe from harm by allying yourself with your own inner Wisdom Beings. I have a lot of material about what I'm calling these High Alliances - which is the title of my next book.

This tier is about

  • The New Spirituality - which we so desperately need right now.  Also:
  • The ancient Golden age, and why it ended
  • The Descent and takeover by the powerful
  • Autopilot, modern mind control
  • The three things everyone wants
  • The metaphysical Fool, the outsider who longs for meaning & purpose
  • The Tarot and Zodiac - a map of the Fool's Journey
  • Communities and Alliances
Off-Stage Adventures
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My work in integrated (it seems like it is to me, anyway), so I have several other projects that aren't center stage in ART or the Fool's Journey. This tier covers the following, for those who are interested:

My other books:

  • Invisible Agents of Creation - why the universe is fake, and what to do about it.
  • Sylvie and the Star-Tickler - a children's book about kindness.
  • My novel, A Midsummer Night's Bet

My music:

  • About ancient musical tunings from Sumer, which I used in my CD, Memories of Home. The music is soothing & stimulating - unlike anything else you've heard.
  • Recent pieces I've written in the same tunings.

I have split this material from what's playing in the Theater as these additional topics are a bit different.

Fool's School
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This is an intensive course on the Lesser and Greater Mysteries encompassed by The Fool's Journey. This course is based on 15 years of original research on the Tarot and the Zodiac. Fittingly,  the Goddess appears in every step of the way as she seeks to reunite with the God within you.

An alternate name for this level is "Remedial God and Goddess Training" - an ART we have all forgotten.

You will find that the entrance to Alternate Realities lies within you. Finding inner Peace and learning how to Be Still are at the core of our Journey. This is how you meet the Few - those inner Wisdom Beings who are your true guides.



About Fred Cameron

Hi, I’m Fred Cameron. I'm interested exploring how flexible reality is. I've discovered it’s more flexible than you might think. Tuned in the right way, great changes for yourself are possible.

Everybody wants three things in life:
  1. to be free from harm,
  2. to belong to something important and greater than themselves, and
  3. to be of service to the world.
But these things seem nearly impossible to get. Is there some way to make changes so that these things are achievable?

Yes there is, and you can find out how in Alternate Reality Theater!

During the past two years I’ve expanded the material in my earlier books with a lot of new material that I’m presenting for the first time. In fact, there is now so much material, I got bogged down trying to get it all online.

But a few weeks ago I found out about Patreon. Patreon is a membership platform that makes it easy to support content from me that you love and think is important on a monthly basis. So I’m bringing back an idea, a metaphor, I first had ten years ago—Alternate Reality Theater—as an alternative to the Current Reality Theater we all live in. There’s a world of new possibilities in this other theater.

I’m going to start an online course here on Patreon with plenty of free materials, but also more in-depth materials for those who are willing to support me so I can share the amazing discoveries I’ve made during the past almost twenty years.

If you become a patron, you’ll have early access to everything I publish on my other websites, including a lot of behind-the-scenes stuff. Plus you’ll be part of an interactive and exclusive community here on Patreon.

So come on in! We’re going to talk about the ages-old ChronoTale, who the Few are and how to become their Agents and Companions, the Freeya Alliance, the New Spirituality and a lot more.

Oh, and for those who are really adventurous and ready for deep changes, there’s Fool’s School. The Fool’s Journey is based on the original, nearly lost meanings of the Tarot trumps.

Here in the Theater, you can learn how to become the playwright in your own reality play. So come on in. Get a seat down close, or venture backstage. It’s going to be powerful and exciting.

Thanks for coming by.
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My basic goal is simple: I want to put 50 people in sure contact with their inner guides - these contacts are called High Alliances. These inner Wisdom Beings are our true teachers here, but we must make the effort to re-establish contact with them.
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