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I will produce content that gives you weekly challenges, helpful articles, and patron only content that will help motivate you to be the best person you can be!

Let's be BOLD together!

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First of all, what an awesome person you are for thinking about this tier!

I have said it before and I'll say it again: I want us to support each other.

In this tier, not only will you get access to my patron only content, but you will also get to meet with me once a month to discuss your goals and what you can do RIGHT NOW to reach them!

Talk about talking the talk and walking the walk! I will personally do everything in my power to help you reach that thing you are passionate about.

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In this tier, not only do you get my patron only content and the once a month goal hangout; you also will receive weekly speaking coaching from me!

Most speaking coaches cost hundreds of dollars, but I'm willing to do it for just $10.00 a month!

Whether it's stage-fright or basic speaking ability, I can help!

Thank you!




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About Fred Motivates

Hello everyone and welcome to my Patreon!

My name is Fred Koepp and I am a Youth-Motivational Speaker who focuses on reducing bullying, depression, and suicide rates among teens.

Patreon helps people in the arts (such as Youth-Speaking) gain funding from kind Patrons (such as you) while they grow their business.

I created this account to keep you up to date with Fred Motivates, give you clear ways to support my business, and, most importantly, provide frequent content that adds value to your life.

My goal is to give you patron only content that challenges, motivates, and helps you toward the life you want to live. I also will have a second tier that is completely centered around you with a monthly hangout where we discuss your goals and what you can do RIGHT NOW to reach them! Finally, the third tier adds weekly speaking lessons where we will construct a plan to help you be a better speaker and reach your speaking goals!

I speak about community in my presentation, and I'd love to have a close-knit community here on Patreon by providing podcasts, articles, videos, and more.  Please let me know what I can do to serve you, and let's support each other together! Thank you!

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When I reach 25 Patrons, I will start releasing occasional patron-only videos that are 100% designed to serve you.

I will also begin writing an E-book which I will give to all my Patrons for FREE!
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