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Thank you. Your support isn't just financial, it's emotional, and both will keep me going to make more useful tools! As a Patron you'll get to share your input and help this work grow what ever your contribution.
Feel Freely! ...for the price of a coffee and cake.
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I'll send you 3 printed tools to dig into and share with friends, to feel and connect freely - and a thank you note from me of course. (let me know which tools you want!)

Be Freely - 'A good idea can change the world.'
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If this helps you, and you share it with your friends, and it helps them, and they do the same...we'll have made a positive change across the world by the end of next week. Seriously.
So, for you: a bunch of printed tools to use and share, and a big thank you. Plus, when becomes sustainable, you'll have access to my artworks, musings and blog from the ideas behind these tools.




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Tools to make a difference: 

Turning emotional tension into a creative force;
Finding empowerment through fear;
Making space for real connection and acceptance;
Finding joy in the rhythms of life;
...and making life a choice.

It's been an incredible journey; 10 years of art, love, travel, writing, living with passion and scraping by in a maddening whirlwind of getting myself together. My name is David Blackwell, and since I took control of my life I've been creating tools to live with freedom.

I'm a tool-maker, and a space maker, and along the way I've tried to empower people and myself using these skills. The result is in the website above, and in the hands and hearts of the people I've met along the way. Simple tools to make a difference.

If you haven't tried any of the tools yet, I invite you to click through to the website. They're all free, viewable online and easy to use/print out. 

They're what I feel I have to give
as best I figure I can give it
...and there's much more to come.

If you're with me, read on; together we'll develop more tools like this - it's going to be a hell of a ride to tomorrow.

Why Patreon?

I've no interest in selling these things - if they are really useful, I trust people will support me to make more by becoming a patron, providing criticism or sharing them around.
I'd rather have a connection with you than a transaction. I trust my work, and I trust you to do what you feel.

The Idea

This is my life's work, nothing more or less than that. I believe that a good idea spread in a natural way can change the world.

I've seen these tools make a massive difference in my life, and the lives of people I've met all over. I hope they can make a difference to you. If they do, and you feel like sharing this work with people, supporting me here or helping the work improve - we can start an empowerment chain-reaction that has no limits.

I will continue to work on these tools no matter what. I will do this whether I am offering free zines and conversation and accepting gifts in little moments, or whether I travel around learning, thriving and creating broader and more impactful projects. 

The greatest gift I could ever receive is to live and thrive, sustained by making useful tools, so I can make more..

Could you help fulfill this life-dream of mine?

Why these tools?

  • Relevance - I make tools to fit the challenges, needs and questions we all face in daily life.
  • Doings - I'm not so interested in telling you what I think will help, as in giving you something you can use your way. These tools are practical and emotional, not just intellectual.
  • Questions - Answers are static and don't like to change; questions welcome change, and can be powerful challengers. I'd rather ask questions and you have your own answers.

Why this way?

My dream: help people to help themselves, don't dictate ideas, or tell people what they should do. After 3 years of searching for a way this is the best I've got:

  • Natural - If it works for you, I ask that you share it as you feel appropriate, no more no less. That way the more effective the tool, the more it spreads. I prefer a tool to fail if it's not useful for people.
  • Changeable - if you can change my work to make it better suited to your needs or the needs of others, please do. That way the work can change and grow to meet the needs of people better. I'll keep updating and improving all the tools.
  • Breakable - this work encourages criticism and questioning, to not take itself too seriously, and with the hope to be that in the end no one will need any of these things.
  • Authorship - I maintain a conflict with putting my name to my work at all, but the resolution I've come to is that it makes sense so I can sustain producing these works without selling them. I hope that the work only carries my name as long as it is useful to the work.

How to get involved

I'm open to anyone getting in touch with their experience, suggestions, critique; all can be really helpful in making these tools the best they can be. My email is [email protected]
I'm excited to start sharing and discussing amongst my Patrons here.

If you'd like me to visit your city, if you'd like to host me on my travels or get involved in using these tools more broadly, please do get in touch. Also, if you feel like you want to make your own tools or otherwise support me/others/yourself/the world, I'll try and keep an eye on my inbox.

What would I use the money for?

Summary: To sustain myself in a simple life and keep developing awesome tools. My aim is to release a 2nd wave of tools asap, update existing tools, and aim for monthly releases when I'm sustainable.


  • Shelter - I am travelling, living very cheaply, camping mostly or staying with friends/partners/people I meet along the way. I will use some money for accommodation when I want to stay in a city for a longer time to make some impact and develop projects. 
  • Food - I eat simply, I'll use some money to upgrade that to 'healthily'. 
  • Travelling - mostly I hitchhike, but it'd be really nice to have that be a choice and not an obligation to my bank balance. 
  • Learning - studying from experience nature, self, and body. It'd help if I could pay for classes and retreats to learn skills to bring to my work. 
  • Sustainability - If I don't find a way to make this sustainable soon then I'm worried I won't be able to spend enough time working on these projects 
  • Production of free materials and maintaining website -if I live above the breadline then I can provide free printed copies for people who request them.
  • Growth/Innovation - I have 8 more tools in the works for release in the next few months, and ideas for larger projects including a website using music sharing to build emotional literacy, an app that helps people build relationships that work for them, and games that bring people together

Why ''?
It's been magic to find that in freedom, love grows: love for others, love for yourself, love for life. What more could we be looking for?
$0 of $350 per month
Wow. To be sustainable...*wistful sigh*. This would give me enough to survive cheaply and stop worrying; this means I can be in the best mindset to keep creating the tools and exploring what being human can be.
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