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Hi, I'm Evan Walker, the creator of Free Meditation Info.
For the last nine years I've been working on and updating the world's largest non-sectarian meditation directory where you can find where to meditate and list your organization - it's all free and available at my website

I organize and manage meditation retreats for various non-profit organizations and I fund websites and am the webmaster for a few non-profit orgs. I also make youtube videos on spiritual topics, and post regularly on Instagram.

I don't receive a wage or charge for any of this, or have another job, and I'll continue to do this work until my savings run out. I love what I do and I do all my work by donation. But with your support hopefully I can keep doing what I do for a while longer.

If you think my work is of value, please consider supporting me by becoming a patron.

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If you have any questions specifically about my page or website, my videos, or just want to say hi, you can send me a message by clicking here.

Read more about me and my approach: About Me


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