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Okay, so I clicked on your neat little hammer&controller gimmick, but what are you really doing? 

Quite funny that you'd ask really, I'm not actually the one creating the games, well... I am, but what I'm doing is making it easier for you to make your own game. Yeah, that's what I said. Networking has always been a fairly confusing thing, it's not just something you can jump into without any knowledge and create something with success. I first realized this a few years ago when I first started developing games and wanted to create my own multiplayer role-playing game. It was quite the catastrophe. I spent around two years learning all about networking, and memory, and how to optimize data in ways that most people wouldn't even dream. When people want to make a game, they usually want it to be a simple and understandable process, because not a single person likes writing code that they don't understand.

So, I'll ask you this, would you rather write code that looks like this:

float readFloat() {
      int value = BitConverter.GetBytes(((Network.readByte() << 24) + (Network.readByte()<< 16)
    + (Network.readByte()<< 8) + (Network.readByte()<< 0)), 0);
     if(((value & 07F800000) == 0x7F800000) && (value & 0x80000000) 
         value = 0x7fc00000;
    return value;

Or would you rather just be able to write something like:


and be done with it?

This is what I'm here for!

I'm here to do all of the tedious stuff for you, to present you with a new, simple way to create online games. I'll even help you promote them via my YouTube channel and website. (Granted they're made with my API, of-course)

But all of this takes time, and dedication.

You wouldn't believe the amount of time I have to dedicate towards writing code, it's absolutely ridiculous, I probably sit at my computer 14<->15 hours a day. I don't have a life outside of the internet, I won't lie to you guys. This is what I enjoy doing. I don't have a job, and I dedicate all of my time to making other peoples lives easier, so this is my way of trying to "get started" with something so I can live on my own, what do you say, care to help me out by becoming a patreonbecause I obviously don't mind helping you. ;)
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Okay. You. With the money. Can we be friends? Thank you! your contribution has helped make the OGServer framework a much better place, while it may not seem like much, $50 can mean a world of difference for me. You'll get a special place on our website under the 'Contributors' section in which I will provide a link to your blog/website/etc. I will personally help you advertise your game (That's created with the ogserver-framework) on my website as-well. 
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Your reward is all of the previous rewards, and my love.
I love you.
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My original plan was to monetize this by offering different licensing, however I feel like that's not the correct thing to do, some people just don't have a large portion of money to toss out the window, but sparing a dollar or two a month isn't a problem. If I reach $150 a month I will trash the licensing system I have in place.
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