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I'll look for your name in the world around me. Perhaps I'll find it in a newspaper, a street sign, a movie or a person! Upon discovery I'll make a video about the life & times of your name in the part of the world where I found it.
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POSTCARD I'll send you a postcard about a point of beauty that caught my eye that day OR I can answer an email you send me on the postcard. (1 postcard will be send to you per month)
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ART ATTACK! I'll ask a random person (if there are no people around I'll pick me!) to make you a piece of art in the moment. (1 piece of art every month)




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I want to experience the world, instead of being told about it. In order to do so, I have given away all my possessions except for the tools I need to survive, all of which I will be carrying on my back. I will travel up to Tuktayuktuk, swim in the Arctic Ocean and travel south until I reach the Antarctic Peninsula. We'll see if they let me take a swim!

I will travel on $5 a day and the generosity of humankind, hitchhiking whenever possible and experiencing all the natural wonder that the world and the creatures in it will present to me along the way. I will make a short video every single day (and post when I have internet!) as a diary with tips, thoughts, curiosities or someone/thing special that catches my eye.

Your funding is supporting me as I refuse to participate in a system that is leading to the destruction of all manner of beauty in the world. Join me as I escape a world of consumption and become a millionaire of experience.
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I can cover the costs of emergency medical coverage! I can sleep safe knowing that if the oven sets itself on fire I have a fire extinguisher. Everyone who has supported me up to this point will receive a postcard from wherever I am in the world (at some point, don't expect me to write them all at once!) and a personal thank you video from myself and another human being I have met on my travels.
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