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About Freeze

Hello! I'm Lauren, but most people on the internet know me as Freeze; A shy artist who's passionate about her work. I am planning to attempt to make my passion a career. Making a full fledged living off of it. That is what this is for. I am currently attempting to save money to be able to move and study in Canada, where I'll be able to live with the love of my life and pursue my art career. Pledging to me will help me do so. I'm also trying to save money to be able to help pay for food expenses in while in my parents house.
A post featuring the patreon code for that month will be added monthly when I get more patreons so everyone can get their discounts and such. I have scheduled patreon exclusive art / early access every day of the week Mon-Friday!

Rewards may not be split up into different things to get more than one drawing (ex: Taking the Full body colored sketch reward ($30) and using parts of the $30 to pay for other commissions). YOU MAY use it in full to pay for part of a commission, but it CAN NOT be split up unless agreed upon.
$243 of $350 per month
Monthly Patreon only requests streams. (limit on requests set for each tier)
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