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You're right at the entry of the amplification tube, great start!
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Now you'll get access to my schematics, layouts etc before I post them publicly.  You can more easily follow along with them printed out or on your computer while watching the builds.




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About Phillip Davis

If you would like to help me with funding for new amp projects, so I can share the builds, the techniques, and the lessons I've learned, I'd love to have the ability to do on a very regular basis.  Building these amps isn't cheap, varying between 500 and 900 dollars each.   If my videos become popular enough, I may very well start having giveaways for some of the amps, based upon how much funding for them comes from Patreon or YouTube earnings!  I'm passionate about video, building amps, and generally just being creative.  I'm also a musician and will likely link to my music as I write more.
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I'm about to build a new amp of my own design.  It will use an EF86 based Normal Channel and a high end boosted second channel.  This will be Foot Switchable and then go into a foot switchable Overdrive before output to a quad of EL84's.  I'm still coming up with a name, I'm open to suggestions! 
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