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My total gratitude and respect!
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My undying gratitude. Your name will be featured on the PRODUCERS credit page.
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In addition to the above rewards, I will include you in a RPG oneshot over Google Hangouts to be broadcast live on the channel. Play a game with ME! :)




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About Gareth Graham

I'm completely passionate about board, card and role-playing games. Over the last 2 years I have begun producing high quality video content for the hobby, including playthroughs, discussion based talk shows, reviews, unboxings and a plethora of other videos.

As a filmmaker I take a lot of pride in my work, and I want to produce video content of the highest possible quality. To do this requires more time than I can really justify without having some small kickback to help with the some of the costs (equipment and time).

Please help me to continue to be able to produce videos for you! I love doing it, and would love to be able to afford to produce more regular content of an even higher quality.
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Once I reach this milestone, I will remove all those horrible YouTube ads, that none of us like. That'll be 5 seconds of your life I'm giving back to you for every video you want to watch. :)
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