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About FreshLocal

About Me
I care about small business. My father has had his own company for as long as I can remember. It’s nothing, big but it carries our name (Moore and Sons). Now that I’m grown I’ve dedicated my time and talents to becoming a software developer. I’ve always loved helping people, and I’ve always loved the drive of running a business. My goal is to help small businesses all over america grow and be more successful.

I’m going to do that by helping people that already do that. More specifically, I am helping Farmers Markets. To start, I’m developing software that will take away the burden of organizing and managing farmers markets. No exceptions, this will be free. It will not cost a dime. Most farmer’s market’s I’ve found are non-profit organizations that have the same goals and vision I do. I’m not here to profit from you. I want to help you for free, so that we can help small businesses be more successful together. 

There are a lot more details to the vision and I would love any input or help to make this dream happen. Please sponsor this project so we can make it happen. Also check out our Fresh Local Facebook Page

About FreshLocal
I'm designing farmers market software that helps:
  • Market Managers
    • handle vendor logistics
      • applications, scheduling, documents, payments, etc
  • Vendors
    • improve customer engagement (Lots more on this)
  • Shoppers
    • Stay in the know better. Who is where when?
    • Plan your shopping. See what products are at the market before you even go. 
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 2 exclusive posts