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About Andrii

Hello, dear friend!
My name is Andrii. I am a positive person, I love to smile, warm friendly relations, I always try to find the good in everything, to create an atmosphere of joy, to inspire other people. I embrace a healthy lifestyle; I am a vegetarian. I strive for the purity of body, soul, and mind. I also like to draw simple pictures, which have a positive meaning and mood. They reflect the philosophy of my life.
My friends like my drawing. They advised me to share it with people. I liked this idea! That’s why I decided to create a project Friendly World. The support of Patreon participants will allow me to devote more time for my work, and to create more positive posters with meaning. Further, I plan to make pages on Facebook, Instagram, to sell designs on Etsy and Amazon.
I will be very happy if you join the community, which creates and disseminates good, bright ideas, and unites positive and open people. It affects the whole world!
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