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About From Blue, To Greene

We have always dreamt of helping the world with our music, and that change begins with YOU! The most amazing feeling is being able to inspire others and help them get through tough times. Our goal is to make as many people as we can feel appreciated, understood, important and most of all, loved. We want to use Patreon as a platform to help us reach our musical goals while being able to give back to our supporters. Becoming a patron will give you access to exclusive content that ONLY YOU can see. We'll take you behind the scenes, send you full-length videos & music that is not posted elsewhere, as well as extra videos that did not make "the cut" for our social media pages.

Ultimately, our main goal is to create content that makes you happy! We want to be positive influencers and role models through our work, and bring the world closer together through music. Becoming a patron will help us greatly in our endeavors as musicians, and help us connect with our followers even more. Don't forget that you are not obligated to pay monthly if you can no longer support us financially and you can cancel at any time. You are ALL appreciated so much more than you know!

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