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About Frontiers

Welcome to Frontiers!

Frontiers is a fantasy world-building project. Our goal is to create easy to use, modular content for your campaign. With your support, we will create fully illustrated and fleshed out NPCs, all kinds of Encounters and eventually full adventures!

We want to provide DMs and players with high quality add-ons for their campaign. The content will always be easy to adapt, taking the form of modules with a different theme each month voted by the community.

We want to grow as storytellers and artists and to build this world brick by brick. Our long term goal once we have a large enough community is to create full adventures, epic multiple level-spanning experience.


Each month, patrons will receive 2 Npcs and 2 Encounters
They will be created around a theme that is voted by the community! We will always listen to you and what you want to bring into your campaigns.

The idea is to have a module that feels real and is immersive, a village's livestock being attacked by starving goblins, pushing the players to investigate and keeping this feeling that the world keeps running regardless of their actions. Npcs with roleplay notes for the DM, their personality, appearance and goals. We want to help you save time and easily bring more depths in your world!

The team:

  • Naruga is a freelance illustrator and concept artist from France, you can see his work here
  • Kormael is a DM and homebrew creator from the United-States
  • Liquidsteak is a concept artist based in Sweden, you can see his work here
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You came here looking for an ale and a good story to hear and you might just get more than that. Spare a coin and help us create this world piece-by-piece!

With this tier you will have: 

  • Access to the Discord
  • The ability vote for next month's theme, share your ideas with us! 
Includes Discord rewards
Town Hero
per month

You've taken your first step on a journey as an adventurer, where you go the drinks flow freely and the tales of your exploits have begun to spread.

With this tier you will have: 

  • Access to the Discord and vote for next month's theme, share your ideas with us!
  • Access to the monthly content: 2 Npc + 2 Encounters
  • Access to all prior month's content
  • Access to our sketches folder

Includes Discord rewards
Dungeon Delver
Limited (10 of 10 remaining)
per month

 Eager to explore past the borders of your hometown, you seek thrills delving into the deepest crypts and ancient temples of the world. 

With this tier you will have: 

  • All previous rewards
  • Get a premium access to the team art channel and get your hands on the monthly artworks before everyone else! 
  • A digital sketch of your character directly sent to you
Includes Discord rewards
$31 of $1,000 per month
This is our first milestone to be able to create, paint and write 3 Npcs + 3 Encounters every month.
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