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is creating Knights of Frontier Valley, a roguelike fantasy RPG for Win+Mac
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About Adamant Studios

Hi, I am Martin Menzel, founder of indie game developer Adamant Studios and creator of the roguelike fantasy RPG Knights of Frontier Valley.

You can find everything about the game below, but in a nutshell, the vision is to create an RPG with old-school gameplay depth, turn-based tactical combat, and survival elements. Now here's the twist: if you are an RPG nut and enjoyed games like Baldur's Gate or even older titles from the 80s and 90s, then by now you probably have a demanding full-time job, a family, and a thousand other things to take care of. If you're like me (a father of two), then playing games has become a rare commodity simply due to lack of time. This is where Knights of Frontier Valley comes in, the game I'm making for you! 

Instead of a playtime of weeks or months to finish the game just once (as is often the case for story-driven RPGs), a run through this game can be completed in a few days or even hours. Then start a new round whenever you have another short burst of spare time - the world is generated procedurally, so each game is different.

Patreon is a way for me to fund development - this includes my costs of living while I work full-time on this project, as well as payments for art, music, and other professional services needed for the game. Aside from a successful Kickstarter, so far everything has been self-funded, but making a complex game like this is a multi-year endeavor, and working full-time on this project with no other income is not a sustainable situation.

If you think this is a promising idea and would like to see the game become reality, and would also like to be kept up-to-date about what's going on during development, you can become a Patron and support me. Let's make this happen!

Knights of Frontier Valley
is a challenging, highly re-playable fantasy survival RPG.

Create and customize your character to your liking, and guide him in his search for fame and fortune. Join a faction or go at it alone, but remember that the valley is a dangerous place and a helping hand can be the difference between life and death.

Ruthless and ambitious creatures are fighting for dominance in the Valley's lush forests, mysterious swamps, open grasslands, and steep hills and mountains. You might choose to stay out of the conflict, but will life go the way you plan it?

Survival is the goal. The game is divided into ten chapters, each representing two years of your character's lifetime. Every chapter comes with a main quest - solving it is optional, but beneficial. You win if you make it alive through all 20 years. This won't be easy - if your enemies don't get you, you might freeze or starve to death during one of the Valley's unforgiving winters, lost in the wilderness. There is a reason why most men in the Valley hide behind city walls. Will you hide as well?

What sets this game apart from others?

Adventures in Knights of Frontier Valley are designed to be shorter than those of other RPGs. Instead of spending weeks or months on completing the game only one time, as is often the case for large story-driven RPGs, a typical game of Knights of Frontier Valley can be completed within a few days or less, depending on your style of playing... just the right amount of time to fill a weekend or a few evenings. Still, the game does not sacrifice depth, and each adventure has its own story and world to explore. The map, cities, dungeons, characters, faction relations, and story elements are procedurally generated, so no two games are the same. You will face a new challenge whenever you have some spare time to start another round.

The idea for this concept came to me when I had a free weekend and could not find the type of game I was looking for. There are many story-driven fantasy RPGs to choose from that can be enjoyed playing for weeks or months. There are also many shorter, replayable "roguelike" games (titles like "Kingdom" or "FTL") on the market today... what seems to be missing is the mix of those categories: a fantasy RPG with a playthrough time that fits into one of those short bursts of spare time that most of us have. I believe immersion can be achieved with shorter adventures as well, while fitting better to a busy lifestyle.

Since RPGs are about character development, a single game should not be too short either... the goal is to achieve the perfect balance where the game is highly immersive without becoming a grind to complete.

Art in Knights of Frontier Valley is being created by professional illustrators and animators spread around the globe. The game's custom rendering engine makes animations run smoothly with full HD details even on low-end systems.

In-game screenshots

Discover mystical places

Explore a new world in each game

Customize your character's appearance and skills to your liking

Interactions with individuals might affect the relation with their faction

A formidable foe

Unless when dealing with the nobility, it is advisable to choose function over form in equipment

Combat is tactical and turn-based

Being the wizard's apprentice means absolute devotion

Exploring a long abandoned dorm

Knights of Frontier Valley intends to be a game with unmatched atmosphere, and immersive music is key to accomplishing that. Luckily, there are lots of great tracks in this game!

The original soundtrack, created by composer Hannah Obura, contains almost an hour of orchestral-style ambient and foreground music, inspired by Old English and Irish folk music.
Additional tracks have been created by Kevin Manthei, a veteran composer who has made music for countless video game classics, movies, and TV shows.

To top it off, the game also includes music from the European medieval crossover band Krless. It doesn't get more authentic than that! You might encounter more of them in the game than just their music...

Knights of Frontier Valley is based on a custom engine built from the ground up. Building an engine requires a lot more effort than using an off-the-shelf one, but gives full control over the code - this way, the game can be made truly unique so that it looks and feels like no other.

Based on my experience, a playable Early Access version should be ready in late 2020. The final game is expected to be finished about a year later.
After the release, DLC is planned at a regular basis, some of it free, to keep the game interesting for seasoned players for a long time. A voting mechanism open to backers will support decisions which DLC features to focus on.

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