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I started as a Let's Play YouTuber back in September of 2017. And I know I've attempted to start way late into the game and even can admit that I picked the wrong path to try and build my channel into something popular.
After failing to gain an audience for a few months, I started to mingle with more popular YouTubers who took interest in me and helped me find ways to gain an audience.
Eventually, I turned to making guides. That began to work for me and I knew I wanted to be better at it. So I made sure I made every guide very informative. And to my surprise, it began to work for me. Everyone that has used my guides have given me some of the best comments and support I could never have imagined. I'm still growing slowly, but I am growing because of the support you guys have given me.
I just recently added gaming news and a weekly podcast to my channel that some of you have seemed to enjoy and I plan to continue doing this. Some of my videos were only made possible because of the help and sources you guys have given me and I hope to keep it going and better with each video I make.
As for the creation of my Patreon page, a few of you have asked if there was any way to support the channel. Well now there is. And what will your contributions go towards? Not only will the extra funding help keep the channel alive as it continues to grow but they will help me obtain better equipment so that I can provide better quality content to you. Also, they will contribute to eventual, more frequent, and larger giveaways on the channel as I am someone who enjoys giving back to those who support me.
I'll always be grateful to anyone who supports me in any way. And I can't wait to see where this venture takes us as a community. Games have brought us together and through games we're all friends. Game on and be excellent to each other.
Big thanks,
-Wild Mike
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