Frozen ao.D.M.

is creating Unique Versions of Disney's Songs in Other Languages
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If you donate to the project, you are not only helping me, and other people who want to see a movie in their mother language. You will also get SUPER COOL Things, such as a Special video  in my channel thanking you, Your name at the end of Every Video of mine! You'll be able to see the dubs before everybody else and you'll get my personal E-mail in case you want to talk to me if you had any idea or any suggestion :)




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About Frozen ao.D.M.

Hi, I've been working very hard to get Disney's Songs translated into other Languages, even Unique languages that have never had any movie dubbed in YET
I've done organized small fandubs with the collaboration of fantastic people, in languages such as Bavarian, Sicilian, Mirandese, Scanian, Chamorro, etc... But Now, I want to expand the 42 standard languages Disney dubs their movies in, and create new Versions in totally new Languages, (recorded in Studio, with Native Professional singers and Actors). However, the only thing not allowing these versions to exist is that I need some financial support and even $1 would help me A LOT! I totally understand if you can't help me for some reason, but if you want to see dubs in new languages, please, I would highly recommend for you to donate what you can for now and be part of my team! :)

I made some math and I would say that about 30 seconds of an HQ, ready, Movie Version Quality, would cost about 30 dollars, not bad right. Well, that's about a dollar per second. but if 30 people help me, the price is gonna go as low as 1 dollar per 30 seconds for each person :D Maybe we can get as low as 1 cent, who knows?... :)
The Languages that I am probably gonna work with are Bengali, Yoruba, Zulu, Italian and German Dialects, Welsh, Belarusian, Macedonian, Marathi, Punjabi, etc...

~Thank You
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I'll start the project in a very serious and focused way, even though I would be spending a lot of money myself, $1 would still help me a lot morally :D 
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