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What up guys and girls! It's your boy JOJO aka Fruitytube and thank you for visiting my Official Patreon Page. Even if you aren't supporting the channel through this avenue, it means a lot that you even thought to consider it. Thank you so much.

I create video content, traditionally public interview with comedy and focusing on internet culture. As someone who is only just getting started on YouTube, I'm sure you can imagine my content isn't exactly making me a rich man at this point. And look, I gotta be honest, I'm tryna buy a few Gucci bags, Rolexes and Lamborghinis so I can show up to the Clout House and flex all over RiceGum and FaZe Banks.

In all seriousness, I mean what I say in that I'm passionate about making content for those of you who enjoy watching, and I'm incredibly hopeful that I can one day make a livable wage through the content I create. If you like what I'm doing and want to be a part of it, please consider contributing if you're able to do so.

I'm still setting up rewards for the Patreon, but I promise there will be more than just roles on the Discord server in the near future. This and merchandise (which I'm not yet producing) are the best ways to support creators like me, so like I said -- if you're able to contribute, please consider it. You'll make my day, I promise.

Thank you again for visiting and considering. I love you guys.
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