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About FrogE Style Productions

I would like to use this opportunity to thank each and everyone of you!  I started this website to share with people the things that I find interesting as well as to build supportive communities around those things. FrogE Style Productions is a multimedia production company and podcast network based out of Calgary, AB. We shine a light on projects that we ourselves find interesting and think are worth peoples attention. We achieve this through our podcasts, articles and blog-posts supporting musicians, artists, events, or simply ideas. We hope to spread knowledge and raise awareness on subject matter that we think to be important and create open and honest discussions among people. We love creativity and strive to connect passionate individuals with the broadest audience possible.

Groove Talk is a podcast that is all about music and the passionate individuals who make it. We delve deep into the local music scene and shine a light on the abundant amount of talented local musicians. We explore topics such as: What goes into the song writing process? Where does creativity stem from? How does one go from playing in the basement to playing in front of people? How important is it to be active in your local music community? and much much more! At the end of every episode there is a sample of the featured artists most recent work giving you a taste of what they are all about. The goal with this podcast is to support local musicians and expose people to new music

Formerly known as Globe Hopping, This is your Brain on Podcasts started out as a travel podcast but quickly transformed into something so much more. We now like to discuss topics such as current events, pop culture, science, technology, psychology, sociology, spirituality and even travel still sometimes. Basically anything that we find interesting and would like to share with the audience. If you enjoy witty humor, drunken ramblings on life or down right ridiculous conversations this is the podcast for you.

You can find "Groove Talk" and "This is your Brain on Podcasts" on Itunes, Stitcher, Google Play, Podbean and Youtube. You can also find them and much much more on my website
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