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Get access to what's on my desktop at the moment. The best way to know get to know the artist's creative routine and see my new creatures evolve from scratch!

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The best option for those who want to learn how I make my creatures and maybe give doll and creature-making a try!

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- Access to posts about creature design articles, tutorials and process videos.

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About Fuego Fatuo Art

Welcome to my Patreon!

My name is Álvaro and I am a sculptor and fantasy creature artist based in Madrid, Spain. Ever since I was a small kid I have been obsessed with magic and fantasy, specially with everything regarding magical creatures. With the years, that obsession became a hobby in the form or sculpting, and the hobby finally became a full-time job. Through my work I try to give a natural and realistic dimension to the unnatural and unreal by making realistic art dolls of fantasy creatures, most of them life-sized and articulated.

By joining my Patreon you will get access to content like:

  • Regular posts showing what's on my desktop at the moment, giving some details I usually don't tell on social media.
  • Never before seen sketches from my personal sketchbook.
  • Extended photoshoots of my creatures including images that won't make their way to the public on social media.
  • Articles about creative processes on creature design.
  • Articles and tips about materials and techniques I use in my work.
  • Process videos and tutorials.
  • Reviews about new materials I discover during my never ending learning process.
  • Creatures shipped to you periodically on higher pledge levels.

You can check a public link to a list of my most relevant posts and content about creative processes with private links to the posts by clicking here.

Thank you so much for visiting my Patreon!
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When we reach this goal I will record and post a home and studio tour showing where I live and where the magic is born!
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