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About Fuklemonde

A bit about us. We are a small team of musicians that create podcasts, videos and gear reviews. We love making stuff and we want to continue to create exciting content and talk about indie artists.

Thanks for checking out our Patreon page.We started this Patreon campaign because we want to take Fuklemonde to the next level! If you help us, here is what we can do:

  • WE CAN PRODUCE BETTER CONTENT! Better overall quality of the stuff we produce!
  • WE CAN PRODUCE MORE CONTENT! We can record and film more episodes of the the Fuklemonde podcast and new content such as video shorts, more interviews and help out new artists.
  • WE CAN FOCUS MORE OF OUR ATTENTION ON Fuklemonde! The more support we have on Patreon, the more time we can spend working Fuklemonde and less at our day jobs!
It takes a lot of money and time to make all of the content that we want to produce!

If you have enjoyed listening to the podcast we'd love to welcome you as a patron and you can pledge as little as $1 a month. All contributions are most welcome. If you can't afford there are always other great ways to help us. Like us on ITunes, Facebook, Instagram and twitter. You can also leave us comments and feedback at www.fuklemonde.com

Thanks from the FLM team. You rule!!!

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Upgrade and Expand
We would be able to upgrade some of our gear.  Better microphones for special guests and more gear to better produces shows like Vinewood.  We will also start the video podcast and video reviews on our Youtube channel
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