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Hi! I'm Fulcagay, an illustrator and comic artist based in Barcelona. I'm the creator of the comics "Hey,I'm Gay!" and "Ibraxyl" and both are posted weekly on Webtoon Canvas.

Hey, I'm Gay! is a comedy comic about the cool things and struggles of being gay, and sometimes is based in my own life well, most of it.
But the most important thing is that there's NO SEX and NO DRAMA! It's all tons of fun and fabulousness, everyone can read it, but not everyone can understand it ;D

Ibraxyl is an adventure comic (kinda sci-fi) about a country in war, misterious powers and a guy who's searching for his father. I can't tell more because it will be SPOILERS! But the main cast is LGBT and full of diversity!


Easy peasy, you can subscribe to my Mailing List FOR FREE to receive emails every month where I explain what I've been doing, my projects and how's my life! Just CLICK HERE to join!
Besides all these rewards, all my Mailing List subscribers will have access to a private invitation to join my Discord Channel, an LGBT chat where everybody can be who they are!


Here in my Patreon you can choose the amount of money you want to use to support me, for example you can pay 1,5$ or 30$ every month! But if you want a cool reward in exchange, you have some tiers to choose.

Tier 1$ - Cool Flamingo:

  • Access to the Discord Channel, where you can talk to me and other fans! Tell me your struggles, ask anything about my comics and even share your art with everyone!
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Tier 5$ - Fabulous Peacock:

  • Access to all my art, illustrations and sketches of D&D, Pokémon and everything!
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As an artist, all the money I get from Patreon will go to my art, materials, supplies, etc. But it will help me pay rent, food, and, basically, stop accepting commissions unrelated to my projects, selling my stuff on an Etsy Store that burns me, and be able to just focus on my comics and art!

So keep all this in mind and thing all the great achievements we could have together, thank you very much!
$40 of $100 per month
When I reach 100$ per month, I'll give you the PDF version of the 1st volume of Hey, I'm Gay! I'll post it here as a Patreon Exclusive post, so you can download it when you want.

(The comic will be posted after the full amount of $100 have been charged at the start of the next month.)

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