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Vomit on my face, I don't even know where it came from, all I know it was a boomer.

You will get a thank you at the end of every video, thanking the patreons.

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Ride my face and choke me to death.
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The spitter, saggy titted, nasty but very dangerous. Spit infront of my feet, work together with the hunter and good timing will take me out.



About fulltimespy

I really love making videos and streaming, and it would be awesome if I could spend more time doing this.
And with your support I might be able to pull it off.
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I really love making videos, playing with my viewers.
Now with all the advertisers pulling out of YouTube it's become a very tough enviroment to make videos. I have several monthly payments that I used to be able to do with my YouTube money.

- Xsplit broadcaster license
- Adobe photoshop & Adobe premiere pro & after effects licence
- Gameserver
- Buying some new games

These are all costs that add up, and with all the advertisers pulling out of YouTube, I lost about 90 pct of my revenue.

Where first I would make about 3-400$ a month, now I barely hit 30 $.

So, I can't offer much, I can add your name in the  end of each video where I thank the patreons, do a special thank you video every month for patreons.
Witch tier supporters do get a request every month for as long as they are supporting and "When witch and tank had a baby tier" get a special request every month they pledge, within reason ofcourse.
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