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About Pax Ahimsa Gethen

I'm a skilled photographer and writer. I shoot and edit quality photos, and maintain a blog primarily about social justice and gender issues. My thoughts and creativity cannot be constrained by tweets and snapshots. Nor can my work be separated from my values.

After years of trying a traditional sales model for my photography business, I made changes. Since 2015, I have released my new work under Creative Commons licensing, for free noncommercial sharing with attribution. My current photos are available on Flickr, and some are also on Wikimedia.

While I am happy to share my work, professional photography costs money. Web hosting, business licensing, and equipment maintenance and replacement add up. Crowdfunding will enable me to cover these expenses and continue my work.

A monthly pledge is your vote for high-quality, independent photography and writing, supported directly by you rather than by advertising. It is also your pledge to support an openly queer black trans person who shares candid thoughts on controversial and sensitive topics.
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Both my primary and backup dSLRs are out of warranty and will eventually wear out.
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