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About Fungasm

Who are you?

My Name is David Dushey, AKA "Fungasm."
Cartoons made me happy as a kid, and I want to make cartoons for people to enjoy.
I want to be successful doing what I love!

Why should I support you?

Your support will allow me to freely create fun art, comics, and animated
cartoons for you to enjoy!
As well as allow me to create content at a faster pace and more consistently!

Your support is only only taken upon completion of either a
new animated cartoon (1 minute or longer) or a full comics chapter (roughly 24 pages)

If you like what I do and want to see more of it, support me!
I would love to work on my own content full-time.
. Success or bust!

Where is my money going?

Living expenses such as food, rent, necessary travel, etc. as well~
Anything that will allow me to focus more on my work!
Every bit helps! Thank you!~

Where can I find your work?