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About Funiworks

Hello New Friend,

I am Funiworks. I am a one-person private company incorporated in Australia.Sometimes, I use We to mean I to give an impression that I am a company. As Funiworks, I create videos including 3D videos that are entertaining, educational, and challenging. If you are looking for videos that tells you something interesting or are entertaining, you have come to the right place. In the past, I have attempted to sing but unfortunately, I do not have good recording equipment. And so, you may not be able to hear real voice.

I am create videos that you want to watch.  Therefore, I am asking your help to support me and my videos. With your kind support of $1, $5, or $10 per video, I will be able to create good videos for your entertainment. Each level of support will provide the patrons a privilege to download or obtain files that are used to create the videos and to have something reserved for them.

Please note that Funiworks is not Funworks. I wanted to have an easier-to-remember name but I was not smart enough to create one that had not been taken as a domain name. Originally, Funiworks started as an online magazine and I wrote articles for it. Later, it became an online store that involved drop shipping. I had to stop the drop shipping thing as I have to take care of my mom. She could call me anytime for help. By stopping the drop shipping, I do not have to worry about any missed orders or sales. Since, my mom's brain operation in Sept 2016, I have much less time for my business including my  Patreon account as I have to help to take care of her. Today, Funiworks, i.e. myself will concentrate only on making videos due to time constrain.

My mom is feeling better now and so, I have a little more time for business including Patreon. This time, I will do my best to make my videos more interesting and exciting so that it will be worthwhile for you to be my patron. I will try to find a better way to record my voice, so that you will be able to hear my real voice or hear it as if you are right in front of me. One day, I may fake my accent and ask you to tell me what is the closest real accent it can represent.
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I am so happy I now I have a patron. It gives me the encouragement to make more exciting, entertaining, and challenging videos.
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