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About funktree

Hi, FunkTree here. A soul without a face...

There is a reason why you landed on this page...

Curiosity or a need to reward the piece of joy or an inspiration that you experienced from the music video that brought you here.

How do I do it? No computer, no DAW... I take one or more gizmos/instruments that make a noise or a sound and try to squeeze an every piece of musical expression out of it.

There are 100+ videos on my YT channel. Each video takes roughly 4 hours to make. I hope, with your help, I will be able to spend more time on making what I love the most besides my family, making funky and crazy music.
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Complete one or two sound sets for one of my groove boxes ?
Leave comments below what FunkTree could do for your hard earned $$
ps: I will not built a rocket ship :)
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