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About Ted Mills

Hi folks, welcome to The FunkZone Podcast! I am your host Ted Mills, and I devote every week to finding interesting and talented artists and creatives to sit down and talk about why they do what they do.

Check out the most recent episode here.

I started as a print-only interviewer, but I soon realized that the conversations I was having lost their flavor when turned into an article. It was only after talking to artists past the usual publicity-based opening minutes that things got interesting. Hence the FunkZone Podcast got started, to get those interviews archived and available for you to check out.

In our first season I talked to artists, writers, screenwriters, film directors, poets, philosophers, restauranteurs, musicians, architects, historians, gallery owners, and curators.

Currently I make the podcast for free and will continue to provide it for free, but WITH YOUR HELP you can help make the show even better. The show doesn't magically appear, ya know!

Check this out: I have to go the guest's studio and record the show. Then I have to EQ the results and edit the interview. Then I have to record the intro, edit that in, mix the music intro, tweak everything, export it, upload it, create a page on the website for the episode, filled with art and links, and then publish the entire thing. Every week!! All so the show sounds high quality and not like it was recorded in an underwater garden shed with a $5 microphone made of tofu. 

A dollar per episode is absolutely awesome and helps towards our operating costs for the show. And as you'll see to the side, mo' money equals mo' fun. You'll get shout outs, merchandise and original art. Mo' money will also equal mo' segments, and special correspondents in future shows. It'll also help us take the podcast on the road! And won't that be fun? You bet it will!

So please, Internet friends, do like John Turturro does in Miller's Crossing and LOOK INTO YOUR HEART and pledge towards the FunkZone Podcast and making it the best damn arts interview program! (Ever! In the history of podcasts! or at least this month!)

Note: Any rewards I offer will be fulfilled the week after you pledge. Patreon will tell me who gets what and who loved us just that little bit more. And that's how we know who to thank.

$5 of $100 per week
One hundred smackeroos per episode would make us so very happy and pay for operating costs.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 3 exclusive posts
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