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Thank you for taking the time to support me with your hard earned dollaronis. I may ask the people of the tier at some point in the future to vote on things like: suggestions for RPG ideas they want to see, goofy rules I need to follow while playing videogames, etc.




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About Mr. Funny Bones

I create homemade content for RPG styled games that can be added on at one's convenience. In addition to this, I enjoy writing short stories and streaming goofy video game play-thru's. I'd be using any money made from Patreon to help me get a meal every once in a while or take my girlfriend out on a date. Future goals may be to compile some of my larger works into a book to be sold as pdf or hardback ;) who knows
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When $100 a month is reached, I'll be able to take this hobby of mine seriously, dedicating more time to it than the current "whenever I have free time in between work and school".

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