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    Living image open

   and I follow there .. 

    Wings on music, 

   where needed bee !


    Just in time -
   there seeing blossom ..

    Harmony of poems,  

   special place inside you !

    Here already ..

   looking what is beauty !

    Passing heart to heart !  






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Infused with feelings and emotions, truly sharing some events is only possible if proper carrier is found in conduit.

It is my passion to channel the comprising complexity of intense passing-by occurances and the energies they bring into being in a funnynettlegrasp experience.

Time appears to be this continuous stream of moments and people do make decisions how to live every single one of these moments ..
With each moment as window of creation, photographies have become doorways to possible worlds !
Favourite music vivifies pleasure flowing and when the doorway of a desired time and space opens .. dream poetry blossoms !

Video documentation - for the graceful process of incarnation - contains moment to moment and world to world entries from the preceding timeline into the next.

Universe of synchronicities, where sound and image fit the vibe of love reality I'm keen visiting with a worded beacon steering the consciousness towards, in poetic harmony.

Harmonies of any kind are naturally dressed in meaning by the mind and recollection of similar occurances is simply reattuning the mind and reawakening the heart for more of the same.

A multidimensional reality hub for those experiencing : sexual and funny , beautiful or ugly .. making them easy to identify with, because of the nature of human experience - granting access to a dreamworld or to personal timeline, travelled by simple intent and release of fantasy freedom.

Carrying specific vibrational and energetic frequencies, resonating with artist's sense of beauty - inspired art is the harmonic resonance recognised by the heart .

Language as frequency modulations combined intentionally is similar to designing art experiences.. Where heart is the universal receiver/transmitter and the mind with extensive knowing of the heart - able to discern between various nuances incoming and outgoing  functioning as reality tuner .. there art is inherently unique, open to interprete language of the being.

The best way to experience funnynettlegrasp art is downloaded and played in replay mode - creating single piece continuum; or randomly chosen multiples - assembling different storylines; and all the way into quality stereo headphones, in cinematic seclusion.

Shifting different states of consciousness tears of joy - natural ways of releasing reality anchors .. these occurances in funnynettlegrasp experience reach my creative intents.


Avid for new experiences human mind dives readily almost every opportunity presented ahead.
Experiencing energy dynamics through the medium of the body, thinking and feeling vary because senses and minds are conditioned in a context.
Gesture and intonation are helping in conversation, even more is required in writing for a particular outcome.
Describing multitude of realities happening in the same space simultaneously, those several meanings each single word carry present fascinating opportunities..

Playing in words developed this five line structure - expressing multitude of life, associating a being !
Avoiding to specify meaning in a sentence, the opposite effect of equally valid multiple interpretations is in prospect..

Line interactions :


- first line(1)ends with a dash and reads separately; also reads connected with the second line; or connected with the second and the third line only .. as well with the whole structure.
- second line(2)reads separately; also reads connected with the third line only; or connected with the third and the fifth line only .. as well as with the whole structure.
- third line(3)begins with two dots and reads separately; also reads connected with the fifth line only .. as well with the whole structure.
- fourth line(4)is the longest one - a pause of twenty eight empty symbol spaces.
- fifth line(5)ends with exclamation point and reads separately; also reads connected with the whole structure.

The achieved symmetry conduces multiple separate reading events, happening simultaneously.
Where the conscious mind is bewildered with the content, a subliminal choice is made for settlement, dependent on one's inclination to perceive certain traits in one's reality, while patterns and tendencies of thinking are highlighted.
Communicating simultaneous multiple realities avoids the tendency to choose one and engage with its traits.
Iimpressed with certain word energies and the associated feelings, the subliminal mind assists the consciousness while composing the structure.
Synchronicities, memories, imagination and fantasy - all takes part ..
Sexual element and a humorous aspect are weaved into.
Possibility to look into the unpleasant is presented as well ..

Resembling people - entities of mind state, unity of contraries .. both ugly and beautiful, profane and inspired - when brought together simultaneous story lines appear as in life..

An effect of enhanced realization - reality interaction within the world dynamics - creator and creation karmic voyage into the NOW FUN PLAY !
$1 of $500 per month
Covering basic household needs makes possible exploring Multidimensionally Crystal Polyamory Poetics and having you along all the time!
Full capacity sharing of my developing skill to fine-tune vibrational vector equilibriums.. dream come true!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 2 exclusive posts

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