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is creating A series of simply animated Internet Protocols and Services
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About Chris Phillips

I'm a techie with >20 years experience with IT & I'm fed up with the BS resorces that are out there, for explaining the basic elements of the internet building blocks.  This sort of fancy graphical affair ( has an agenda, so is not focusing on the basics.  This example ( is also full of overly complicated & sometimes just unhelpful graphics, but is more focused on the narrator's voice/face, than the actual subject matter (sorry Linus).   Other resources ( have entirely too few diagrams, that explain the system.  This image ( is actually very good, but it features overly intricate icons & doesn't depict the actual webserver that the client is trying to visit.

My eventual goal, is to create a series of simply animated & narrated depictions of Internet Protocols and Services.  The series will contain several very short <5 minute animated videos, depicting the most important Internet protocols & services, such as: -

* Network Layers
** The OSI 7-Layer Model
** TCP/IP Model
* Networks, The Internet & Routing
** Local Area Network (LAN)
** Wide Area Network (WAN)
** Default Gateway & Specific Routes
** Border Gateway Protocol (BGP)
* Protocols
** Media Access Control (MAC)
** Internet Protocol (IP)
** Internet Control Message Protocol (ICMP)
*** Ping (Echo & Response)
*** Traceroute
** Transmission Control Protocol (TCP)
** User Datagram Protocol (UDP)
** HyperText Transfer Protocol (HTTP)
** Simple Message Transfer Protocol (SMTP)
** Domain Name System (DNS)
** Secure Shell (SSH)
* Domains
** Domain Registration & Renewal
** Whois Records
** NameServers & "Glue" Records
** DNS Records
* Testing Protocols And Services

I intend to start the ball rolling, by describing the doimain portion of the internet, including nameservers, the DNS system & service, DNS record examples (HTTP/website) & the client/server relationship for DNS queries, from the point of typing into the address bar of your browser, the meat of the subject (the DNS queries that happen behind the scenes), all the way to the browser getting the page, from the webserver's IP address.  It will help to define the simple shapes and animation style that will be carried on to the other elements of this series.

My idea is to have a set of resources that use the same format & can be reused & interspersed with each other, without looking disjointed. For instance, once we've got the DNS explanation, we can use the high-level/zoomed-out view of the DNS system, when describing Domain Registration, Whois Records, NameServers & DNS Records. Similarly, there's so much overlap between the subjects, that we can use the LAN, WAN, Default Gateway, Routing the "Networks, The Internet & Routing" description, and the elements of the LAN & WAN, in the depiction of the Protocols, using the a host icon from the LAN, as a client & a host from the WAN, as a HTTP server.

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