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Fuse is a zero-dependencies super lightweight library which provides a simple way to do fuzzy searching, available in:

- Swift

On the roadmap:

  • Add plugin functionality
  • Dedicated project page (Done!)
  • Improved documentation
  • Visually driven customization (think of wizards) for non-developers
  • Technical support
  • General and ongoing bug fixes
  • A much needed logo
  • Create a Swift/Objective-C framework  (Done!)
  • Create an Android library

Maintaining and updating Fuse takes up a lot of time. To be able to provide the project with the attention it deserves, I decided to experiment with sponsorship and/or support. If this works out, I can route the chunk of time that is usually spent on lucrative endeavors to this project.

If the library saved you some time or helped you create something awesome, please consider sponsoring it. There will be more great things on the way!


$17 of $250 per month
I will be able to dedicate 20% of my open source contribution time on Fuse.js
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