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Hello fifa players, I am Tyler the Futbroker and this is my Fifa 20 trading patreon. Become a patron to get access to my exclusive trading tips and a patron exclusive discord server to talk anything and everything about FIFA 20 and collaborate on what is the best trading/investing methods. I have been trading on the Fifa Ultimate Team Market since Fifa 13. I am very familiar with the trends that occur every year. I made my page because before I would just do this type Fifa market research and tell my friends about it, but I wanted to help many more people. Way back during FUT 13 I even had two of my friends give me their account and pay me 5$ to make them 50k via the companion app in a day while I ignored my highschool teachers. I have been giving market tips via Instagram (you can even scroll all the way down on my Insta to find some still very relevant tips) from Fifa 18 to mid year Fifa 19 and then my audience reach got to the point where there was too much market flooding, rendering those tips useless, so for the 2nd half of FUT 19 I created a discord server with the end goal of gaining experience on how to best help my trading community.

I direct messaged all 350+ members to get insight onto what I can improve on for the future. Most of my trading discord members said to post more and now I am offering a daily update patreon. One person said I should make a paid version where my tips can be more exclusive because there was too much competition from my discord... So here we are ;)

My transfer profit for Fifa 19 was 15 Mill and I have never bought Fifa points, you may be thinking "wow I made that much", or "so many more traders make more", well for one I stopped trading on my account halfway through tots (but I still posted trades for my discord). Also, you should look at it this way, how much time did they spend on the market to get there "great" amount of coins, do you know if they bought Fifa points, did they trade during the end of the game because after tots it is so much easier to trade, did they play a lot of div rivals, draft, or weekend league every week and get a lot of coins and transfer profit from their weekly rewards (I played one full weekend league for the entirety of Fifa 19). I was perfectly fine with posting current trading tips to my discord but not even using them myself because I care about your coin totals more than my own. Making loads and loads of coins does not mean that person will be able to help you make coins better than a more casual trader that the every year FUT community can relate to much better. In my eyes insinuating that your transfer profit makes you more qualified to help someone make coins is BS, it's about being efficient with your time not wasting it doing something like sitting on the 59th minute trying to snipe an icon. I am by no means a casual trader and do put forth a lot of time to trading but in the past two years I have spent more time researching players' price graphs to show my viewers what has happened in the past years and then with my seven years of market experience I explain how and why you can expect the price to fluctuate in the current year.

Thanks for your interest in my Patreon I hope to hear from you and feel free to ask me any questions just shoot me a dm via instagram. 

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