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"Hearts" to you for supporting me through this tier! It may seem small, but one is definitely better than zero. You have unlocked art I don't post to my Twitter or my Discord!

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"Diamonds" are kinda sorta special to me because it holds several different meanings to just myself. Through this tier you have unlocked art I don't post to my Twitter or my Discord AND snippets of story ideas plus story-related sketches I work on and off! 

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Don't do this. This is just a tier for people who don't like my set prices of $1 or $5,, or if they like to have bragging rights. So take the "Spade". Through this tier you continue to unlock benefits of both Hearts and Diamonds.




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Hello! My name's Futo and I create art and characters for a hobby.

While most of my art started out for hobby's sake, I've grown to love making art and plan to sharpen my skills to a professional level. Here you'll find sketches, ideas, and full art pieces! Currently there are no fancy tiers and rewards, as I am still working through college, but once I have more free time I will be able to add to Patreon more! If you choose to be one of my patrons, then thank you so much for giving me money! I seriously appreciate it! At any point, patrons are liable to receive art requests (just not right now, I will update this when I am fully available to). Thanks for reading, and I hope you enjoy my art!
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