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Our target pledge level, on average.  You will have our undying gratitude and the knowledge that you are helping to keep a great resource and website you love available to all and to continue growing in the future.  Remember, $5 per month is only about 17 pennies a day. :-)
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Bozo's Circus: The Lost Tape, three episodes of Svengoolie that were unseen for 40 years, one of only 3 existing episodes of Mulqueen's Kiddie-a-Go-Go, the only existing [as of now] off-air video clips of WGN-TV's Creature Features and WFLD-TV's Screaming Yellow Theater, priceless clips of Garfield Goose and Friends from 1971 and 1975, historical news clips from all of the local stations, thousands of forgotten commercials, bumpers, and other video ephemera - all of these wouldn't have been saved without our organization.

We cannot continue to do it alone, however.  Random one-time donations are very much appreciated but we need to have a base level of funds coming in each month that we know we can count on. That's what's great about - you make a pledge to us, for as little as $1 (or as much as you can afford) and that amount is debited automatically on the 1st of each month.  No extra fees for you, and nothing more you have to do.

I know that the only way we are going to reach the upper limits of our financial goals is in volume, not specific amounts. Our museum Facebook page has over 12,000 "Likes" now (are you one of them?)  If each person who Liked our page pledged a dollar a month we would almost double our stretch goal. So, if you are one of those people that don't normally donate in this way, but if you have found any usefulness or enjoyment out of our website at all over these 7 years, I'm sure you'd agree it's worth at least a few bucks a month.  (or whatever you can afford) And more importantly, you would be helping to support the continued work toward our mission - work that almost no one else is doing in an "official" capacity.

This campaign is in it's beta test mode - so if you have ideas for rewards you'd like to see or other suggestions, please let us know!  

Some "stretch" goals we have, if we can reach our top goal : (more to be added later)

- Upgrade and major improvements on the main website including support for Mac, Mobile Devices and tablet computers (iPad, etc)

- Dedicated climate-controlled storage facility for all of our archive holdings, in one place

- Special "Fuzzy's Vault" section of the site, available to search through our complete catalog of transferred material in the archive (rather than just the specific clip selection available on the website)

- Fuzzy Public events - come and watch a complete classic broadcast with original commercials on a big screen with other fans of classic Chicago television

- Additional people to help with tape transferring, cataloging, organizing, and copying to our backup server

- We are also considering launching a new spin-off website where you could watch complete broadcasts rather than just short clips

41% complete
We currently have 26 outstanding invoices for advanced transferring and restoration that we needed professional help in order to save digitally. As many of you are aware, saving this material is a race against time. Many of the older formats are getting increasingly difficult and expensive to transfer. Our priority has always been to transfer first and worry about funding later. However, we cannot extend this indefinitely and faster progress must be made toward reducing this debt. The average invoice is $350.

$62.95 (Base Expenses) + $350 (Average Invoice Payment) + $57.64 (Patreon Fees) = $470.59
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