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About Gabberforth

I've enjoyed doodling for years, currently have a job and go to school at same time, and am now looking into doing art for a career, whether professionally or freelance- and here is the perfect place to start!  

Eventually I want to show a story I've slowly been working on over the years dealing with mental issues and improving self, of which includes a couple of monsters (yes my shapeshifting black reptile is one of them), perhaps in a comic form - I periodically will update ideas or drawn concepts which I can give access to here!

On the side you can see some goals I have in mind for the future, including free raffles for all tiers <3 I also plan to upgrade the tier system once there is more support here with other rewards!

If unable to join now, feel free to pop in a coffee here!

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Here i will do a free raffle for everyone to take part in where the winner will receive a free sketch! <3

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