Gabriele Valenti

is creating Instagram Consultant and Social Media Manager
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About Gabriele Valenti

Hi everyone.
I am Gabriele Valenti, I'm from Italy and I am a Social Media Manager. 

I work with Social Media: Facebook, Instagram, Twitch!, etc.
I wanted to open my Patreon channel because I want to share with you some secret to expand your Social Media.
Many doesn't know how to develop their socials, and I am here for you!

Here I will post some videos that talks about Social Media, Web Marketing and E-Learning.

If you want to know how, become my Patron and I'll give you more informations about website, facebook page and social networks.

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With this reward, I can access a new study.
Why invest in me? Because I'm passionate about my job.And there's no better teacher that someone who is passionate about his studies. I'm doing a very difficult training course, and this fee would really help me. And thanks to it, I will be able to open a YouTube channel where I can upload video lessons for all of you.
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