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About Gabby Sparkle-Sorensen

What you are supporting:

As a creative outlet I am starting to delve into cosplay, it encompasses a lot of how I express my art, including self expression, making things by hand, modeling, and other fun stuff. What you will get here if you follow along will be process stuff, first peeks at new cosplays, 30 day early access to new photo shoots, and other posts.

Overview of Why I am on Patreon:

I want these to be collaborative and evolving projects, I want feedback, I want suggestions, and I am hoping that these projects branches off into even more projects. Short term I would like to be able to put time into these projects, but time is money, so without support that is tough. Long term I would like to be able to travel.

About Me:
I am 35 and a firecracker, I have a lot of passion for life and I never quit despite the obstacles that come up. I have had a passion for art for my entire life, and was never encouraged to pursue it or given the opportunity to grow as an artist during my childhood and early adult years. I am now changing that!!! I like all forms and mediums, but I would have to say at this point my favorite canvas/medium is myself. I like to express myself through how I dress and I love modeling because it allows me to see myself from others perspectives.

What I need

1) I need lots of moral support, I need to know that my art is valued. I need people to follow and comment and share my projects big and small, I need feedback and I need to know that people care.
2) I need financial support, I want to get out of the corporate world and stop contributing to a system that I view as broken, and this requires a couple dollars here and there to support my art.
3) I need people to contribute to the project, as photographers and in other art forms.

What do I see in the future:
Here is a rough 10 year plan......

1yr..... I want to be producing cosplays consistently and earning a profit from it, Patreon is my current base for that (July 2020)
5 yrs.... I want to be doing commissions to help others with cosplay, I also want to be able to possibly have a YouTube channel and be doing the Con circuit with my cosplays. (2024)
10 yrs.... I want my cosplay to be a primary source of income (2030)

Thanks for reading, following, sharing, and contributing, it means more than you will ever know!!!

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The first 25 Patrons to sign up will receive a print of a shot from my Raven Boudoir shoot....and you get to vote on which one you receive.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 24 exclusive posts
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