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About Gabriel Hugo

I am an American Mexican author of fiction. I am also a publisher of social awareness literature, an actor, and an arts and book promoter.. My author blog is called The X Codex, and in it, I cover topics ranging from space colonization, identity, and world affairs to historical topics. Currently, I am concentrating my creative efforts on debunking the long-held myths about the fall of the Aztec empire, which supposedly occurred at the hands of a little band of Spanish "conquistadors". My belief is that the history of the fall of the Aztec empire is predominantly based on fictional stories crafted by Hernan Cortez and others who wished to make the case to the Spanish crown that they deserved compensation for having added an entire world to their domains. But, in fact, the Spanish conquistadors were, first of all, outlaws in the eyes of the Spanish realm; and secondly, they were mere participants in the subsequent defeat of the Aztecs, and not the predominant force causing their demise.

I have written a historical fiction book series titled "The X Series". Book 1 in that series is titled "Tenochtitlan Must Fall". In this book, as well as in the subsequent ones, I will demonstrate in a fictional setting how the events which lead to the end of the Aztecs could have (and in my view, did) occurred entirely without the influence or direction of Cortez and the Spaniards. Ultimately, I argue through my blog that we do not have to accept a version of history that negatively depicts our ancestors, and therefore, ourselves; especially when that history is still largely uncorroborated by independent, indigenous primary sources.

The entirety of the claims made about how the Aztecs practiced human sacrifice, believed Cortez was the god Quetzalcoatl, thought the Spaniards and their horses were one continues being, and other myths about the ignorance and unsophistication of Aztec people comes directly and solely from Spanish sources and enemies of the Aztec. Therefore, it is my belief that we can discount their version of history and remake a version that fits a common-sense series of events, circumstances, and conditions already present in the Americas that led to the fall of their civilization; aside from the distinct and very real possibility that the people of Mexico--just like in the 1800s and in 1910--could have chosen to change the direction of their destiny through insurrection, thereby toppling the Aztecs. But since the Spanish had already arrived and brought devastating diseases, this caused a colossal epidemic that wiped out millions, which destabilized all existing governmental, religious, and societal structures allowing the Spanish to step in to replace them with European governmental and religious institutions. 

My plan is to remain on this topic for as long as I have to--years, perhaps--(although I do intend to utilize levity and variety in my blog posts and videos) in spite of the fact that I do enjoy writing about other topics. However, I have been a student of Mexican ancient history for twenty-four years and for most of that time, I was always puzzled deeply by the clear deficiencies and outright outrageousness of many aspects of the official history. So I intend to employ all of my effort, energy, time, and skills to craft a clear picture of my vision of a new historical perspective that not only clears the past of the stains it bears, but also brightens the path to the future leading to a better, more inclusive destiny for brown people of the Americas among the peoples of the world.
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