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Bruh, you such a sweety. :) You have no idea how much I appreciate your support. 
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Thank you SO MUCH! You make me feel so special! 10 bucks can help me buy a meal AND a Micron Pen for future drawings.  
Every month, you'll receive:
  • Access to my "Patrons-Only Blog"
  • A personal "Thank You" E-card.
  • A SIGNED PRINT from me! :) 
  • Access to a Downloadable PDF of a monthly sketch for you to color! Those who tag me on Twitter with the hashtag #drawgabypossible will be featured on this blog!
  • Access to a "Youtube Endcard" Template + Guidelines so you can design your own Gaby Possible Endcard! :) Each month, we'll draw up 4 new winners and their cards will be displayed at the end of a Gaby Possible video! 




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About Gaby Possible

Hi there! I'm GabyPossible and I'm creating a world for the dreamers, the learners, and the people who ALWAYS get in over their heads. :) My goals as a 23 year old wannabe superhero are vast, as I want to be a Children's Book Illustrator, Youtuber, Fashion Designer, Portrait Painter, T-Shirt/Skateboard Designer, Actress, Singer, Dancer....and....gee what else was there? OH, Interplanetary Superhuman for the Galactic Alliance of Bunnies. I'm sure it's a thing somewhere.

What's Yo Credentials, Homie?

I've been studying art in magnet schools since I was 8 years old, and was lucky enough to get a full tuition scholarship to Art Center College of Design when I was 18 for Illustration. I graduated in December, then got my first full time job as an Art Instructor for Adults with Developmental Disabilities. I LOVED that job, but couldn't afford I left and got a SUPER weird job as....a professional LIVESTREAMER! No no it's not porn, haha. For 8 hours a day, 5 days a week, I host an arts based live show called GabyPossible! :) We once had a Vincent Van Gogh day where I transformed myself into one of his paintings with makeup, then gave an impressionist painting lesson, then made a DIY version of the ear he cut off! IT WAS GREAT! :D

My job as a livestreamer has definitely helped me break out of my comfort zone! I'm more comfortable on camera than I've ever been, I don't fear imperfection anymore (since that used to be a HUGE fear while making youtube videos), and I even branched away from art to create my FIRST EVER MUSIC VIDEO!!! :D This is a video I made for work for a "Hollywood" themed show, and I wrote, recorded, and edited this in two days! I recorded the audio in my closet with a cheap microphone that sounds like a sock, lol. The pink background is wrapping paper, and all the props are cardboard. IMAGINE WHAT I COULD DO IF I ACTUALLY HAD MONEY!!!! GAH!!! Lol is my stress showing? Ma bad. 

Wait If You So Cool Then Why You So Broke....

As much as I've grown in the past year and come closer to my more immediate goal of being a Youtuber, I'm still very far away from where I need to be, and a few things have affected my course. On October 18th, 2015, my dad passed away from a long battle with diabetes, as he lived with the disease for over 30 years, spent the last 4 years of his life on dialysis, and the last 10 months of his life bedridden in a hospital. I miss you, Daddy!

The hospital bills left my mom and I in financial ruin for about 8 months, and we're just now starting to pull ourselves together again, but there's still a long way to go. I have to financially support my mom at least once a month, which leaves me with almost nothing to pay my rent until about the 21st of each month. Trust me when I say my landlord is a saint for not kicking me out yet!! <3 We're both constantly struggling to pay our bills on time, and I'm uh...currently living a bit of an illegal lifestyle because I can't really afford insurance for my car.............and I can't find my registration...................and I can't afford a yearly overnight parking permit to park in front of my own house while I sleep, so on nights when I can't pay the $3 nightly permit (yes it's happened before), I wake up to a fat ticket. Yaaaaaaaaay lower middle class millenial life! Haha! 

Damn Girl, you need an Obama Phone. How can I help? 

You can help me by supporting this Patreon page! :) I know I can pull my mom and I out of this financial rut if I make more work to sell, and with your help, I can afford the tech and gear to make it happen!  I WANT to work for my money. My parents gave me too much love and education for me to waste it all worrying about getting evicted, SO, my goal is this: I want to fund my creative projects so that I can build GabyPossible, grow my Youtube channel, expand my art portfolio, sell my work and merchandise, and through those projects build this family so we can make bigger projects like books, fashion lines, public art pieces, etc. I want to help people all over the world through the magic of GabyPossible, for she is laughter, awkwardness, curiosity, and faith in humankind all wrapped up into one. She's just also very broke at the moment, lol.

If there's any way you could help me reach my goals so I can stay in California and make these dreams come true, I'd be forever in your debt. <3 I thank you for reading my Patreon page, and hope you have an AMAZING day!!! :) 

Gaby Possible
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Livestream Supplies!
A lot of my Livestream's content centers around DIY's and handmade art, but it's hard to fund all of that myself. If we reach our goal, I'll make new DIY's of YOUR CHOOSING on my stream! :) Past DIY's include: Jetpack, Fabric Sketchbook, Frida Kahlo Crown, Donut Necklace, Cardboard Costume, Book of Spells, and a Dessert Cake on the night we threw a PJ party for my first graveyard shift! (This a clip from that night!) 
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